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Is your Dojo's website bringing in new business?

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If your website isn’t bringing you new clients every single month, then something is wrong. Investing in a smart marketing plan and site upgrade now could mean enjoying a steady stream of new clients in 2020 and 2021. Act now to snag my last open project slot before the rush in business after New Year’s. 

I know that most martial arts studios aren’t rolling in cash and that passion keeps a lot of these places going. That’s why I’ve developed an effective and budget-friendly package to overhaul your online marketing efforts. You need a website that makes you stand out and a strategy to get you more clients – and that doesn’t need to cost you an arm and a leg.

Let’s turn your website into a 24/7 salesperson for your school! 

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More Students for Your Dojo

More Online Traffic

Let's get you from page 5 to page 1 by building a website both Google and your customers will love. Designing the new site correctly, will boost your rankings!

Web Design that Converts

What good is a visitor that never fills out their information? My sites focus on getting visitors to schedule a free trial session. My designs are simple with great pictures and video.

Turning Leads into Students

Internet leads need special care to turn into students. We will strategize on coupons and reminder campaigns that will make it easy for you to get signed contracts.

Getting Results: Yama-Kan School in Austin, TX

When I met the owners of Yama-Kan, they still had a site with latin filler text on it! A student had promised to help, but never completed the project. The site was getting no leads at all in August of 2019. 

3 months later, Yama-Kan is getting over 150 unique visitors from Google and 1-2 new paying customers each month. With an average lifetime revenue of $750 per each new customer, they are already close to turning a profit on their investment. After reconfiguring parts of the site following the devastating and unexpected loss of their owner in October, I am back to helping the site grow with new content and local link-building. 

From 0 web business to 10 quality leads a month. See how I turned around their website with search engine optimization.

Could Your Website Bring You More Customers?

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